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The natural gas market in Canada is one of the most complex and dynamic markets in North America. Canadian natural gas production is continually balanced by domestic Canadian demand, Canadian storage inventories and exports to the U.S.

Almost 75% of Canadian production is exported to the U.S. market. These exports compete with production from the Southeast, Gulf of Mexico, Midcontinent, Rockies, Southwest and Texas regions for U.S. markets in the Midwest, Northeast and West. At the same time, Canada imports  approximately 14% of its daily demand from the U.S.

BENTEK’s Canadian Observer™ makes sense of Canadian supply and demand from a Canadian perspective. The daily and weekly editions provide the most comprehensive, forward-looking view of Canadian supply and demand, including forecasts and historical trends. The report includes data on pipeline expansions, power load, production, rig counts, storage balances, prices, transportation rates, imports, LNG imports, U.S. exports and other key market factors.

As an added benefit for subscribers, BENTEK’s analysts are available to answer any questions.

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