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BENTEK’s CellCAST is an extensive natural gas dataset that provides a historical perspective and five-year forecasts for the key fundamentals of supply, demand, storage and flows in each region, or “cell,” of the U.S. and Canada, including eight cells in the U.S. and two in Canada. These fundamentals are aggregated to a monthly level and balanced regionally and nationally, providing an in-depth, data-driven tool to analyze natural gas fundamentals and interregional flows.

By simplifying and enhancing natural gas market data into one complete, transparent data source, CellCAST saves you the time of compiling this data from multiple locations and allows you to quickly monitor how the supply and demand dynamics of one region affects the balance of other regions. In addition, CellCAST leverages BENTEK’s extensive analysis on each regional market to forecast fundamental changes in the natural gas industry over the next five years. Use CellCAST to strengthen your long-term views of the North American natural gas market and help you predict changes to regional prices and infrastructure needs.

Coupled with BENTEK’s Cell Model, which provides a daily history file for the same cells and fundamentals included in CellCAST, this product features BENTEK’s most comprehensive proprietary dataset available. This data can be accessed through a number of delivery programs, including Excel, Energy Trend Analyzer and BENTEK Direct.

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