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BENTEK is the industry's recognized expert in gathering highly detailed data from thousands of public and private sources. BENTEK’s proprietary, flow-data-gathering technology produces the most transparent, timely and accurate view of how energy markets behave with its Energy Data Warehouse, Daily Market Model Reports and History Summary Reports. BENTEK then analyzes the data to discover key market insights, taking the complexity out of understanding the ebbs and flows of energy supply/demand and prices.


BENTEK Direct is a cutting-edge way to directly access BENTEK data from your Excel-based analytical program. This data delivery tool saves valuable time by eliminating database maintenance requirements and visits to BENport to download multiple PDFs.

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BENTEK’s CellCAST is an extensive natural gas dataset that provides a historical perspective and five-year forecasts for the key fundamentals of supply, demand, storage and flows in each region of the U.S. and Canada.

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BENTEK's GenCast allows for robust analysis of how power markets utilize oil, coal and natural gas-fired generation. The scalability of the database allows for users to develop knowledge of everything from plant-specific heat rates and emission rates, to coal-to-gas switching, to market share by fuel type across the U.S.

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Energy Trend Analyzer

By compiling dynamic flow, price, weather and a vast array of BENTEK datasets into a customizable web interface, Energy Trend Analyzer allows users to create custom dashboards that easily and quickly identify market trends and anticipate upcoming pipeline flow levels.

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Energy Data Warehouse

BENTEK’s Energy Data Warehouse contains daily natural gas flow and capacity data on all U.S. interstate and Canadian pipelines dating from Jan. 1, 2001, to the present day. This data is updated continuously and delivered to our clients immediately. You can use BENTEK’s BENport system to query, process and report data from Energy Data Warehouse. Or, the data can be delivered directly to your company’s servers for your own use in creating models for analyzing the data.

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Daily Market Model Reports

BENTEK’s Market Models are spreadsheet-based reports designed to provide daily updates of pipeline flow and capacity data. Market Models allow you to analyze aggregate level data, like total demand in a region or total supply from a producing basin. You can then drill down to the meter level to discover daily flows as well as scheduled flows for the next day.

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Market Model History

BENTEK’s Market Model History reports contain U.S. historical data on pipeline flows, demand and supply in five regions dating back several years. This data is provided in spreadsheet format, eliminating the need to run queries and data extracts to analyze long-term trends.

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