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BENTEK Energy® is an energy market analytics company, providing data-driven research and deep market understanding to our clients. We are a recognized leader in natural gas, oil and NGL market fundamental analysis. But our expertise goes much further, into power, demand and other energy segments. We collect and organize data from all of these markets from thousands of sources worldwide, and then transform the data into actionable intelligence and key market insights. BENTEK provides a full range of products including daily market reports, online applications, comprehensive studies, consulting engagements and retainer services.


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Canadian Observer - Westcoast Station #2 and Sumas Prices Bottom Out
According to the pipeline's weekly outage report, Westcoast Pipeline has been completing work in the Aitken Creek area this week that coincides ...more
Market Recap Analytic Report (Weekly) - US dry production hampered through the week; demand edged higher
Despite beginning the week at above 73 Bcf/d, total US dry gas production ended the week averaging 72.9 Bcf/d. The level placed this week at  ...more
Midcon Observer - NGPL maintenance restricts receipts from Oklahoma processing plant
On Monday, April 27, NGPL will begin a six-day cleaning tool run on its M&M Line near station 156 in Kiowa County, Oklahoma. As part of the planned ...more
Southeast/Gulf/Texas Observer - Freeport LNG expected to make FID on train three next week
Freeport LNG hopes to make a final investment decision for the Freeport LNG export facility’s third liquefaction train by next week. Freeport ...more
West Observer - Power deliveries jump in PNW and SW states
Bentek’s sample of power burn in Oregon has averaged 303 MMcf/d this month, a threefold increase from April 2014 levels. The 213 MMcf/d year-on-year ...more
Northeast Observer - AGT cancels Friday's pigging, should place downward pressure on basis
A late spring cold snap plus a maintenance event on Algonquin Gas Transmission's 30-inch mainline has pushed AGT city-gates cash basis to $1.25 ...more
Rockies Observer - Flat Rockies Demand and Elevated Outflows Forcing Withdrawals
Despite a 0.4 Bcf/d increase in production year-over-year, April-to-date demand in the Rockies remains essentially flat to the same period one-year ...more
Supply/Demand Balance Analytic Report - Total demand falls 1.7 Bcf/d ahead of weekend
Despite beginning the week above 73 Bcf/d, total US dry gas production has averaged 72.7 Bcf/d over the past week placing it nearly flat to the ...more
BENTEK Energy: 10 New Points Added to Our Database
We've added 10 new points to our database in the last thirty days. Chey Plains: 1 new point; CIG: 2 new points; Dominion: 2 new points; El Paso: ...more
Rockies Observer (Weekly) - Rockies outflows to Midcon Market increase week-over-week
Rockies outflows to the Midcon Market are up by nearly 80 MMcf/d week-on-week reaching just shy of 2.9 Bcf/d on Thursday as compared to last ...more
Southeast/Gulf/Texas Observer (Weekly) - SPECIAL FEATURE: The Permian's Resistance to Falling Oil Prices
Bentek data shows Permian Basin sample production receipts have reached a new high of 2.5 Bcf/d in April -- a 130 MMcf/d build over February ...more
Northeast Observer - AGT and Millennium maintenance impacts other systems' production
Maintenance at Algonquin and Millennium continued to suppress production not only on Millennium's system, but also on other regional systems. ...more
West Observer - PG&E faces bearish storage scenario
PG&E inventory currently sits at 173 Bcf, 73% of its 236.8 Bcf working gas capacity. This is 54 Bcf above its 5-year average and 87 Bcf above ...more
Canadian Observer - Cold weather driving demand and net exports
A cold-front is sweeping through the northern Midwest, Northeast, and East Canada this week. Average temperatures in Toronto are forecast to ...more
Southeast/Gulf/Texas Observer - Southeast outflows to Midcon increase
Over the last four days, Southeast outflows to the Midcon have grown roughly 0.4 Bcf/d from the prior seven-day average to about 2.3 Bcf/d. This ...more
Rockies Observer - Rockies outflows to the Midcontinent Market up week-over-week
Rockies outflows to the Midcontinent Market are up by nearly 80 MMcf/d week-on-week reaching just shy of 2.9 Bcf/d on Thursday as compared to ...more
Midcon Observer - April cold snap places upward pressure on Midcon demand and prices
Midcon market demand is expected to remain at just over 12.1 Bcf/d after regional residential/commercial demand peaked yesterday at 12.3 Bcf/d. ...more
Supply/Demand Balance Analytic Report - Weather drives demand 2.5 Bcf/d higher today
Total demand increased by 2.5 Bcf/d day-on-day to reach 71.4 Bcf/d, driven by gains in the residential/commercial sector. Residential/commercial ...more
Power Burn Analytic Report - Texas's coal generation crowded out by gas
According to ERCOT, nearly one third of Texas coal-fired generation was offline for extended periods in March, bringing the state's coal burn ...more
Industrial End Users Analytic Report - Dakota Prairie Refining to delay production
Commercial production of diesel fuel and other products at Dakota Prairie Refining LLC in North Dakota has been delayed until the second quarter ...more
West Observer (Weekly) - California storage refill scenarios buck up against capacity
Inventories at California storage fields entered the spring of 2014 at or near their lowest levels of the past decade.  PG&E held 71 Bcf of working ...more
Northeast Observer (Weekly) - Northeast PA Dry production falters amid maintenance events
Bentek estimates that Northeast PA Dry production has fallen to roughly 7.8 Bcf/d over the past two days, nearly 0.5 Bcf/d below Monday and the ...more
Northeast Observer - AGT maintenances likely to hold NE production back
Algonquin will continue to pig their 30-inch mainline through this weekend as additional work is slated for Thursday and Friday that will cut ...more
West Observer - Socal storage surplus tightens seasonal spreads
Socal storage inventories currently sit at 94 Bcf, nearly 22 Bcf above its 5-year average and 60 Bcf above year ago levels. Storage levels on ...more
Canadian Observer - Westcoast Pipeline Maintenance Forces Pipeline to Issue OFO
On Monday evening, Westcoast Energy, Inc. announced that the Fort Nelson North processing plant in eastern British Columbia, about 50 miles from ...more
Power Burn Analytic Report - Nuclear outages lower than last year
Month-to-date, nuclear plant outages have been 4.8 GW lower than the same period last year. The difference is mainly due to lower outages this ...more
Midcon Observer - Midcon production averaging 0.1 Bcf/d lower month-over-month
Bentek estimates Midcon production is currently averaging 7.8 Bcf/d so far this month, a 0.1 Bcf/d drop from March. This fall has been led by ...more
Southeast/Gulf/Texas Observer - Permian production increases, Sea Robin maintenance at Patterson Facility
Over the last seven days, sample Texas Permian Basin production has grown roughly 110 MMcf/d from the previous week to about 1.7 Bcf/d. The largest ...more
Industrial End Users Analytic Report - Celanese announced the plan for another methanol plant in Texas
Celanese Corp. has partnered with Mitsui & Co. to explore building a methanol production plant in Bishop, Texas near Corpus Christi. The two ...more
Rockies Observer - Westward Bound Ouflows Dip after Strong Week
Rockies flows to the West fell sharply yesterday from Monday’s trailing seven day high of more than 3.44 Bcf/d to just under 3.25 Bcf/d. Declines ...more


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