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BENTEK Energy® is an energy market analytics company, providing data-driven research and deep market understanding to our clients. We are a recognized leader in natural gas, oil and NGL market fundamental analysis. But our expertise goes much further, into power, demand and other energy segments. We collect and organize data from all of these markets from thousands of sources worldwide, and then transform the data into actionable intelligence and key market insights. BENTEK provides a full range of products including daily market reports, online applications, comprehensive studies, consulting engagements and retainer services.


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BENTEK Energy: 4 New Points Added to Our Database
We've added 4 new points to our database in the last thirty days. ANR: 2 new points; Gulf South: 1 new point; SONAT: 1 new point.
Southeast/Gulf Observer (Weekly) - Special Feature: Southeast Storage Outlook
Southeast gas inventories fell to a low of 150 Bcf on March 26 this year, a 161-Bcf deficit to the 5-year average. However, lower power burn ...more
Rockies Observer (Weekly) - Special Feature: Despite historical low, Clay Basin likely to fill to 2013
Rockies storage inventories in April continue to remain roughly 10 Bcf lower than inventory levels from last year;however, the region’s deficit ...more
Rockies Observer - Rockies industrial demand stagnant, but upside potential exists
Bentek estimates industrial demand in the Rockies has averaged about 470 MMcf/d YTD, a 10% decline from the same period
Gulf Coast Production Analytic Report - Texas Onshore Production leads decline
Gulf Coast production Thursday is expected to be 139 MMcf below Wednesday's levels, with declines of 112 MMcf and 27 MMcf in onshore and offshore ...more
Texas Observer - Buffalo Creek processing plant starts sending volumes to NGPL
Mark West‘s Buffalo Creek processing plant in Hemphill County, Texas, began delivering volumes to NGPL on Monday.  The processing plant came ...more
Northeast Observer - Tennessee volumes between stations 204 and 200 reach a record 1.0 Bcf/d
Tennessee volumes are expected to ramp up as the 500-MMcf/d TGP Utica Backhaul Project is anticipated to come online this month. The project ...more
Southeast/Gulf Observer - Transco announces open season for Gulf Trace Backhaul Project
Transco has announced a new open season for its Gulf Trace Backhaul Project.  The binding open season will provide up to 1.2 Bcf/d firm transportation ...more
Power Burn Analytic Report - Coal consumption remains strong in 2014
US coal consumption so far in April is 3.7 million st, or 12%, above the same period in April 2013. Daily consumption has averaged 2.4 million ...more
West Observer - Ruby inflows to increase as Redwood Path capacity returns
Ruby flows fell 181 MMcf/d Wednesday as planned maintenance began on the Redwood Path, reducing capacity to 91% or 1.96 Bcf/d. PG&E’s Redwood ...more
Supply/Demand Balance Analytic Report - Production continues to lag behind recent highs
US total dry production has declined to 66.7 Bcf/d today, another 0.2 Bcf/d drop day-over-day and 1.3 Bcf/d off from last Sunday's high.  The ...more
Industrial End Users Analytic Report - Industrial output, capacity utilization both higher in March
US industrial production rose 0.7% in March, mostly because of an increase in durable goods manufacturing, the Federal Reserve said Wednesday ...more
Canadian Observer - Innovative upstream project supports SA production growth
Honeywell's UOP unit last week said Mistral Midstream has chosen its Russell modular equipment to recover NGLs from gas produced in the Bakken ...more
Midcon Observer - ANR maintenance restricts capacity north of REX, limits flows into Michigan
Maintenance work has cut ANR volumes north of the REX interconnect in Shelby County, Indiana, to below 1 Bcf/d over the past two days for the ...more
West Observer (Weekly) - Special Feature: CAISO wind generation is not likely to grow in 2014
Last year was record-setting for wind generation nationwide, averaging roughly 167 million MWh of wind power  or a 19% increase from 2012, according ...more
Northeast Observer (Weekly) - Special Feature: Northeast flow reversal to Southeast nearing
Abundant supplies of natural gas in the Marcellus and Utica and a slew of backhaul projects and physical pipe reversals are poised to increase ...more
Canadian Observer - Mid-April demand spike testing regional flows
Demand across Canada is expected to peak tomorrow in the West, averaging 5.6 Bcf/d, and peak today in Eastern Canada at 5.0 Bcf/d as a short-lived ...more
Gulf Coast Production Analytic Report - Stingray pigging causes drop in offshore LA production
Gulf Coast production decreased 77 MMcf Wednesday to 6.56 Bcf. The Louisiana offshore area led the decline, with a drop of 43 MMcf, while onshore ...more
Texas Observer - Processing growth in Permian will help support growing production
Texas is expected to add roughly 1.4 Bcf/d of additional processing capacity, primarily in the Permian Basin, throughout the summer. Nuevo Midstream ...more
Northeast Observer - Northeast demand will peak today; TCO announces first injection of season
Northeast gas demand will peak today as the region is hit by another round of colder weather.  Demand is expected to hit 20 Bcf/d, which is 6 ...more
Southeast/Gulf Observer - Lower power burn and outflows to help rebuild storage this summer
Southeast gas inventories fell to a low of 150 Bcf on March 26 and are currently estimated at 153 Bcf, a 161-Bcf deficit to the 5-year average ...more
Supply/Demand Balance Analytic Report - Production retreats further, demand subsides
Total dry production is down another 0.2 Bcf/d today at 67 Bcf/d flat, after peaking Sunday at 68 Bcf/d.  The declines are largely spread across ...more
West Observer - Kingsgate prices weaken, lifting Sumas inflows
Kingsgate pricing tumbled in Tuesday’s trading, suggesting Canadian imports onto the GTN system will fall off day on day. Kingsgate shed $0.08 ...more
Power Burn Analytic Report - Hydro power strong in Pacific Northwest
Hydroelectric generation continues to remain strong in the Pacific Northwest, pushing gas burn to new lows. Year to date, hydro generation has ...more
Industrial End Users Analytic Report - 'Tracker' lists another 220 projects set to come online this year
Bentek's US Industrial End Users Expansions Tracker lists about 220 industrial expansions and new builds set to come online by the end of 2014, ...more
Rockies Observer - Rockies storage fields posting withdrawals
Rockies storage facilities continue to withdraw gas, prompted by cooler weather and strong downstream demand, with Midcon demand averaging 16.2Bcf/d ...more
Midcon Observer - NGPL maintenance does not disrupt production, but affects cash basis
Since NGPL began maintenance April 8 at Compressor Station 104 in Barton County, KS, throughput along Segment 11 has decreased to roughly 0.4 ...more
Canadian Observer (Weekly) - Shifting exports between Sumas and Kingsgate
West Canada exports to the Pacific Northwest in April appear to be in line with flows from last year, but a handful of fundamental shifts are ...more
Rockies Observer - DJ Basin oil-directed rig count reaches record high
Rig activity in the DJ Basin is continuing to reflect producer interest in targeting liquid-rich plays, with the number of oil-directed rigs ...more
Gulf Coast Production Analytic Report - LA Offshore continues to lift Gulf Coast production
Gulf Coast production is net 40 MMcf higher on Tuesday, with the offshore areas 60 MMcf higher offsetting a 20-MMcf decline in onshore.


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