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Natural gas liquids, or NGLs, are valuable products derived from the processing of natural gas and refining of crude oil. Five major NGLs – ethane, butane, isobutane, propane and natural gasoline – are used by petrochemical companies as feedstocks and by refineries as blending and processing components. Propane is an important heating fuel. NGLs are actively traded energy commodities with robust spot markets and growing forward and derivative markets.

NGLs are extracted from natural gas at natural gas processing plants. When NGLs are extracted from natural gas, the volume and BTU content of the gas are reduced. That makes NGL processing a key factor in the supply/demand balance for natural gas. In addition, some producing regions produce very rich (high-BTU) gas that must be processed before the gas can be delivered to a pipeline for transportation to market. In areas where not enough natural gas processing capacity is available, gas production must be curtailed down to the available capacity.

BENTEK tracks NGL production, storage, demand, pricing and other market factors through a growing suite of market analysis and data products.

Market Call: North American NGLs

BENTEK's Market Call: North American NGLs includes 10-year supply and demand forecasts for each purity product, including market segment detail such as gas plant supply, refinery supply and demand, petrochemical demand, imports, exports and ethane rejection.

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NGL Databank Suite

BENTEK's NGL Databank Suite tracks natural gas inlet/outlet volume, liquids production, BTU content and other factors at individual natural gas plants across the U.S. Individual plant summaries include pipeline maps, capacities and other important attributes of plant ownership, operations and logistics.

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NGL Facilities Databank

BENTEK’s NGL Facilities Databank includes data on approximately 535 existing U.S. natural gas plants representing more than 71 Bcf/d of processing capacity and includes key commercial and operating parameters of each facility including location, type of plant, owner, operator and capacity.

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NGL Market Monitor

The daily and weekly NGL Market Monitor provide analysis of NGL market prices, an assessment of the pricing relationships of NGLs to crude oil, natural gas, petrochemicals and other market factors as well as offer an estimate of relative feedstock economics of NGLs used in the petrochemical sector.

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NGL Supply Databank

This resource provides a granular plant-by-plant view of the U.S. NGL market, broken out by product, and allows users to regionally analyze processing capacity and flow dynamics as well as estimate wet versus dry gas in production areas.

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NGL Supply Report

BENTEK’s NGL Supply Report provides a weekly assessment of raw mix NGL production in the U.S., offering the most up-to-date review of raw mix supply in the marketplace today. The NGL Supply Report focuses on PADD-to-PADD raw mix flows and also includes ethane fractionation spreads and rejection data as well as purity product production.

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