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NGL Supply Databank NGLSupplyDatabank
Most of the significant NGL-producing states require each natural gas plant within its borders to file monthly reports that track key operating statistics, including natural gas inlet and tailgate volumes, shrinkage and the production of NGL products. Some states collect additional information, such as delivery data into specific pipelines. BENTEK’s NGL Supply Databank collects this gas plant data, standardizes the information into a common format, scrubs the data to correct any quality issues and provides the data in both spreadsheet and tabular/graphical formats.

BENTEK’s NGL Supply Databank provides a comprehensive resource to analyze individual plant production trends, monitor when new plants are coming online and calculate plant utilization rates. This resource provides a granular plant-by-plant view of the U.S. NGL market, broken out by product, and allows users to regionally analyze processing capacity and flow dynamics as well as estimate wet versus dry gas in production areas.

Currently the system includes more than 559 gas plant facilities in Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, Utah, New Mexico, Alabama, Michigan and the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. This product is included in the NGL Databank Suite.

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