dcsimg PADD 2 (Midcon) Oil and Gas Production Monitor

PADD 2 (Midcon) Oil and Gas Production Monitor PADD2Midcon
BENTEK's PADD 2 (Midcon) Oil and Gas Production Monitor is basin-specific and provides regional up-to-date coverage of drilling activities and key players in the Midcontinent. This monthly publication also includes an overview of the five-year production outlook and tracks supply/demand dynamics and infrastructure in the Midcontinent.

Based on BENTEK’s proprietary, data-gathering technology and groundbreaking methodology, the report shows production and drilling highlights for the Midcontinent, including operators, number and type of wells drilled and news on operations in each basin.

As an added benefit, subscribers gain access to BENTEK analysts who can help answer your questions.

This report covers natural gas as well as crude oil production in the US Midcontinent.

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