dcsimg Pipeline Market Tracker

Pipeline Market Tracker

As new rate structures impact basis differentials along major natural gas flow corridors, capacity utilization on older long-haul pipelines may lead to a vicious cycle of rising rates and falling usage. As rate structures continue to change, certain pipelines can become potentially game-changing and important to monitor due to their economic potential.

BENTEK’s Pipeline Market Tracker is a quarterly report that analyzes individual pipelines by the major factors impacting overall performance. The report includes utilization data at key pipeline throughput locations, quarterly rate-of-return calculations, contracting risk measurements, a regulatory tracking calendar and related metrics to help pipelines, shippers and other industry players monitor operational and rate risk.

Each edition also features a selection of large capacity pipelines and includes background information and key operational indicators for each. Any pipeline currently undergoing regulatory rate-related actions is included in this report.

As an added benefit, BENTEK’s analysts are available to answer your questions.

Pipeline Market Tracker


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