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BENTEK Energy® provides information in a variety of data formats, interactive apps and daily, weekly and monthly publications.

BENTEK offers its services and products on an a la carte basis and in customized packages.
Use the product finder to locate products or services that are unique to your job classification or company.   You can then use the demo cart to request a free trial of those products and services of interest.


  How will changes to Mexico's energy landscape affect you? Find out in our free Market Alert.
When will US ethane hit global markets, and where will it go? Find out in Bentek's new study.
Get clarity on the complex US gas demand market, including alternative sources, through 2019.

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Maps & Geospatial

BENTEK's mapping applications allow you to visualize the relationships between facilities in a map-based view.


BENTEK’s Energy Data Warehouse is the natural gas industry’s recognized source of highly detailed data from thousands of public and private sources.

Trading & Research

Using our Trading & Research apps, you can access BENTEK’s vast database of natural gas flow, pipeline capacity, prices, storage, tariffs and infrastructure projects.

Analytics Reports

Before the market wakes up each morning, BENTEK’s analysts are applying its groundbreaking, processing methodology to make sense fundamental data gathered by its proprietary, flow-data-gathering technology.

Observer Reports

BENTEK’s Observer Series of reports focus on regional markets, providing details of natural gas flows, capacity trends, price differentials, pipeline construction, outages and numerous other market developments.

Crude Oil

This suite of in-depth reports from BENTEK analyzes complex issues in the U.S. and Canadian crude oil market and provides a new level of visibility into key fundamentals including production, demand and infrastructure. 


BENTEK’s NGL reports analyze data on production, storage, demand, pricing and other market factors to provide the latest NGLs market intelligence.

European & Global Products

BENTEK’s European and Global Products offer clarity into the complex and dynamic markets in Europe and around the globe.

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