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Each day, gigabytes of data are generated by the energy industry, providing intricate details about market activities. Making sense of this vast amount of data is complex and time consuming. That’s where trading and research applications from BENTEK can boost your ability to take advantage of events and trends in natural gas markets.

Our applications range from real-time notification of all major market events to real-time assessment of weather forecast changes on natural gas storage balances to the calculation of natural gas transportation costs between any two points. Using our apps, you can analyze firm pipeline capacity contracts on a company-by-company basis, you can view capacity release transactions, and you can access BENTEK’s vast database of pipeline, storage and LNG terminal projects. BENTEK is your single source for unraveling the complexities of natural gas market data.

Flash! Notice Service

Within minutes of an announcement being posted on a pipeline company’s web site, you can be alerted by BENTEK’s Flash! Notice Service about the notification so you can take immediate action. BENTEK’s Flash! Notice Service provides you access to information on scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, unexpected disruptions, operational flow orders and other events that impact marketing and moving natural gas.

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Forward Curve Quarterly

BENTEK’s Forward Curve Quarterly provides assessments of U.S. supply, demand and prices for the upcoming five-year term. This quarterly report also details the market factors that drive the forecast natural gas prices.

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Market Alerts

BENTEK’s Market Alerts provide in-depth analysis of complex regional natural gas markets. These reports give you a comprehensive review of each major pipeline, storage facility, flow pattern, capacity constraint, LNG terminal and other market components across a broad market area.

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Pipeline Market Tracker

BENTEK’s Pipeline Market Tracker is a quarterly report that analyzes individual pipelines by the major factors impacting overall performance. Each edition also features a selection of large capacity pipelines and includes background information and key operational indicators for each.

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With its proprietary, data-gathering technology, BENTEK tracks each major pipeline, storage and LNG facility project that is coming up and how these will affect the marketplace. ProjectTracker provides information about each project in a searchable database.

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Quarterly Market Updates

BENTEK's Quarterly Market Updates provide a five-year forecast of fundamentals in natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil. Each commodity is covered with a 30-minute presentation from one of BENTEK's analysts and is followed by a 30-minute question and answer session.

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The West Observer allows you to dive deep into the relationship between the natural gas and power markets in the California/Southwest and Pacific Northwest regions. These daily and weekly reports provide granular, sub-regional natural gas data that shows the movement of gas along the West Coast.

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The Market Call

BENTEK's The Market Call pulls together key market dynamics into a quick and simple view of the near-term natural gas market, including a sector-by-sector analysis of the underlying factors that drive prices up – or down.

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