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Rockies/West Oil and Gas Production Monitor RockiesProduction

This report is a reference publication for drilling and production activities in the Rockies that details impacts on flows and prices.

BENTEK’s Rockies/West Oil and Gas Production Monitor provides timely coverage of oil and natural gas markets, including an overview of regional production activities over the next five years. The report is basin-specific and includes production forecasts, drilling economics and rig activity. The monthly publication is a reference manual for drilling and production in the Rockies region.

Based on BENTEK’s proprietary, data-gathering technology and groundbreaking methodology, the "Rockies Fill Watch" included in the report shows actual and predicted outbound flows, pipeline capacity, regional prices and a breakeven range for drilling in the region as well as forward-looking drilling and production forecasts. Highlights of production and drilling activity are provided for the region and each basin.

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