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The balance of supply and demand is the most important fundamental factor in the natural gas markets. What if you could know that balance each day – in advance? Not calculations from an economic model, but the supply/demand balance of actual flows as scheduled on many natural gas pipelines throughout Europe.

Platts and BENTEK’s Supply/Demand Balance - Europe™ report allows for just that. This industry-leading, daily report gives you a macro-view perspective of production, consumption, LNG imports, pipeline imports and storage injections and withdrawals. With a full page dedicated to U.K. market fundamentals, and flows at significant cross-border points in Western Europe extending to the Ukraine/Slovakia border, the Supply/Demand Balance - Europe is a must-read report.

This daily report includes market highlights on the front page that provide a snapshot of the Western European gas market. With this report you can access demand forecasts for the U.K., Spain, France and Italy as well as see flows from Russia, Norway and North Africa. LNG sendout is provided at the individual terminal level. The report also includes the latest storage outlook derived from Platts and BENTEK’s supply/demand methodologies.

As a subscriber to this report, you also gain constant contact with BENTEK analysts who can answer any questions you may have.

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