Crude Oil

Unconventional exploration and new drilling technologies are revolutionizing the U.S. oil industry. Domestic oil production is on the rise for the first time in 40 years and Platts anticipates crude oil production in Canada and the U.S. by 2016 will reach levels not recorded since the early 1970s. New infrastructure is needed to alleviate constraints as a result of the production boom and unique pricing dynamics will result from this constantly changing market.

  • Due Diligence- Conducted an analysis of the Niobrara crude oil play for a private equity firm looking at developing midstream and downstream infrastructure. The analysis included the potential outlook for crude oil growth, the impacts on transportation infrastructure for crude oil and the resulting Rockies crude oil price outlook.
  • Market Study- Performed a market study of the U.S. and Canadian oil market, as well as a competitive landscape on crude transportation in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). Platts also evaluated changing pipeline flow dynamics for North American due to unconventional oil growth and assessed the impacts these market forces will have on the demand for pipeline capacity on a crude oil pipeline project. 
  • Investment Analysis- Provided analysis of a major oil production play for a firm making an investment in property for production development. This project contained a competitive analysis in terms of production and infrastructure and included risks and upsides of the investment.
  • Market Forecast- Advised a major midstream company on the impact of future Permian crude oil takeaway infrastructure on crude pricing and the competiveness of a greenfield oil transportation project. This study provided Permian crude oil, natural gas, and NGL production forecasts through 2022, including gas quality and GPM estimates. Platts also reviewed current drilling activity, trends, and active operators in the area, including company-specific drilling information. In addition, Platts analyzed current export capacity utilization, ownership, age of existing assets and provided an overview of planned and potential infrastructure additions.
  • Production Analysis- Analyzed Bakken oil production in several counties and specific formations in North Dakota. This study provided significant analysis around oil production trends, well results, drilling activity and takeaway capacity.
  • Petroleum Administration Defense District (PADD)
  • Crude oil pipelines and projects 
  • Crude oil production through 2030 
  • Crude oil imports 
  • Crude oil exports 
  • Crude oil refineries 
  • Cushing, OK trading hub
  • Keystone Pipeline details 
  • Light sweet crude oil 
  • Light sour crude oil 
  • Rig counts 
  • Offshore production 
  • Onshore production 
  • Condensate/Naphtha
  • North American crude oil
  • Canadian crude oil
  • U.S. crude oil
  • Crude oil gathering

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