Natural Gas Liquids

The shale phenomenon that reshaped the natural gas industry over the past few years is now having the same impact on natural gas liquid (NGL), crude oil and refined products markets. As natural gas plant throughput and NGL production increase, it is critically important for producers, processors, developers and other industry players to have timely, accurate access to natural gas plant operating information. Let Platts consulting provide timely, customized and accurate information to educate your decisions in the NGL markets.

  • Long-term Forecast- Performed a sensitivity study to evaluate the feasibility of building an ethane steam cracker along the Texas Gulf Coast. Platts provided multiple 20-year scenarios forecasting U.S. natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) markets focusing on the availability of petrochemical market feedstock and pricing of each product. This analysis also evaluated planned expansions in natural gas drilling and processing, pipelines and fractionation to determine viability and necessity.
  • Production Forecast- Conducted an evaluation of Marcellus and Utica NGL production, demand trends and infrastructure. Platts provided an evaluation of the competitive landscape around gathering and processing systems in the Northeast. Platts also developed natural gas production forecasts, assessed changing producer dynamics, identified competing gas supplies, gas flows and pipeline capacity into the Northeast, as well as an overview of NGL transportation projects out of the region. 
  • Feasibility Study- Performed an asset evaluation study to assess the feasibility of building gas gathering, processing, NGL fractionation and storage infrastructure near Corpus Christi, TX, to processing services for natural gas sourced from the Eagle Ford Shale and Permian Basin. Platts also provided 15-year supply, demand and pricing forecasts, as well as analysis around potential supply sources to the facility as well as demand for each of the end products along the Gulf Coast, Mexico and globally.
  • Market Study- Conducted a study to assess the feasibility of constructing a butamer unit on the Texas Gulf. Platts provided an eight-year outlook of supply, demand and pricing of normal and iso-butane at Mt. Belvieu, TX, as well as a comparison of pricing and market dynamics for normal and iso-butane produced at refineries relative to of gas markets. Bentek also evaluated butane exports from the U.S. Gulf Coast, manner of disposition, impact on pricing, cost of freight and global target markets.
  • Market Assessment- Performed a 10-year assessment of NGL extraction in Western Canada, detailing existing processing infrastructure, gas and NGL flows out of the region as well as the process by which production in the region is bought and sold into downstream delivery markets. This evaluation also highlighted the 
  • Natural gas liquids production through 2030
  • Ethane and Ethylene
  • Propane 
  • Normal butane 
  • Natural gasoline
  • Light naphtha
  • Gasoil
  • LPG exports
  • Iso-butane
  • Petrochemicals
  • Geographic Spreads
  • Mt. Belvieu vs. Conway
  • NGL margins
  • NGL prices and spreads
  • Supply/Demand
  • Infrastructure development

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