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Bentek: US natural gas exports to Canada this year were actually up 12.5 percent

Friday, December 07, 2007

Not long ago we read in an EIA outlook report that Canadian natural gas exports were way down this year, a trend that the agency has reported since last year. EIA also said US exports to Canada are flat, if not down. These are trends generally held as conventional wisdom. Until last week maybe. The good folks at Bentek Energy just released the latest in a steady stream of new pipeline flow data publications - this one covering that vast area north of the border. The new Weekly Canadian Examiner somewhat closes the circle on Bentek's coverage of the North American pipeline network. Its first issue was a barnburner: Against conventional wisdom, the paper reported that US natural gas exports to Canada this year were actually up 12.5 percent, while Canadian exports to the US this year were actually flat, and not in decline. Bentek flow data revealed that an average of 170 MMcf/d of additional gas has been flowing North from the US versus last year's flow tallies.

We called up Bentek's Rusty Braziel and new publication editor/analyst Jack Weixel for more on the publication and general trends in the market. Braziel says the attention the new pub has received has been good, and from Canadian subscribers "much less grief for not including this data sooner.

"It's sort of been on our to-do list for a while," Weixel says. "We've actually been collecting Canadian flow data for quite some time. Our data bases go back to 2001."

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