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Friday, October 10, 2008

In our interview last week with Michael Haigh of SocGen, the Q3 Best Gas Storage Forecaster in the Land, the NY-based analyst pays homage to BENTEK Energy for essentially raising the industry bar on gas market forecasting. [

"While a few years back this process (gas market forecasting) may have been more art than science, science wins out today. That's not to say we're not constantly meeting and talking with traders or rig operators, energy companies or others in the marketplace. This is also crucial to what we do." He said BENTEK Energy can take a good bit of credit for advancing the science of storage forecasting. "Today there is far more equation-based decision-making in this area, and BENTEK can take a lot of credit for that."

] We have to agree. Over the past several years, the company's steady flow of new products and services to the sector has served as the ultimate equalizer for traders, strategists, and planners hoping to get an ever-more granular snap-shot of the natural gas sector.

This week, we present the first of a suite of new pipeline transportation products BENTEK plans to roll out in the month ahead. Capacity Tracker is a quarterly publication (plus intra-quarter market alerts if important developments occur) with associated spreadsheets "designed to interpret the market implication of developments in natural gas pipeline capacity markets," BENTEK's Rusty Braziel says. The mechanics of pipeline capacity can indeed be an arcane science, "but increasingly the availability of capacity is having a huge impact on basis relationships, pipeline construction projects and the value of natural gas reserves. Concerns regarding the credit worthiness of pipeline shippers can also be expected to impact the behavior of market participants."

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