Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16, 2010

Senior-level producer, pipeline, utility, banking and regulatory executives to address natural gas market and price volatility in the "shale revolution." Chesapeake CEO Aubrey McClendon will present keynote address at Houston-based conference June 7-10, 2010.

HOUSTON  – BENTEK Energy today announced speakers who will participate in the Energy Markets Forum portion of BENPOSIUM, its annual natural gas industry conference, which will be held June 7-10, 2010 in Houston. The conference will include presentations on key developments in the natural gas markets from BENTEK’s highly-respected energy analytics team followed by challenges, contrarian views and other insights contributed by senior-level industry executives.

“This year our first participant group encompasses highly-experienced professionals representing key sectors of the industry,” said BENTEK Chief Executive Officer Porter Bennett. “We are very pleased to welcome Chesapeake Chief Executive Officer Aubrey McClendon as our Energy Markets Forum keynote speaker, addressing how the development of U.S. and worldwide shale and unconventional resources will impact both domestic and global energy markets. We are equally excited about the other participants being announced today from the producer, pipeline, utility, banking and regulatory segments.”

Participants in the June 10th Energy Markets Forum portion of the program include:

• Pipeline Sector: Guy Buckley – Group Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Development, Spectra Energy

• Regulatory Sector: Steve Harvey – Director, Office of Oil and Gas, U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

• Banking Sector: Dave Pursell – Managing Director, Head of Macro Research, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.

• Utility Sector: Joe Shields – Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Energy Services, New Jersey Resources

• Producer Sector: Rodney Waller – Senior Vice President and Assistant Secretary, Range Resources

This conference is designed to explore the most important recent developments in North American natural gas markets,” continued Bennett. “We will examine natural gas production forecasts, impacts of new pipeline and storage infrastructure, LNG market trends, the outlook for natural gas demand, regulatory issues and more.”

BENPOSIUM includes three days of intense market analysis, plus a pre-conference event for those seeking an introduction to energy market fundamentals. Highlights of the conference agenda include:

Day 1 – Natural Gas 201 (June 8)

• Natural Gas 201 will push your understanding of the key aspects of natural gas production, storage, transportation pricing and trading. Examine the relationships between pipeline capacity, flows and prices on a regional basis, heavily influenced by unconventional gas.

Day 2 – Energy Analytics Methodology & Breakout Sessions (June 9)

• Learn the “laws” of fundamentals analysis, including price forecasting, breakdown of capacity bottlenecks, the impact of LNG imports and regional analysis of forward-basis relationships. Topical and regional breakout sessions will allow you to customize your learning and maximize your conference experience.

Day 3 – BENTEK’s Energy Markets Forum: Price Volatility in the Shale Revolution (June 10)

• This comprehensive session dedicates the morning to an exploration of the most important recent developments in North American natural gas markets, including an assessment of the shale gas phenomenon, the implication of production growth on pipeline flows, the impact of new pipeline and storage infrastructure projects, and the outlook for LNG imports. Afternoon panels will examine the drivers of price volatility, a point/counterpoint debate as to the positive and negative aspects of volatility, and a review of volatility management strategies by industry players from a range of market sectors, including producers, traders, utilities and regulators.

Natural Gas 101 (Pre-Conference Workshop – June 7):

• Natural Gas 101 is ideal for participants new to the natural gas industry, or for those just needing to brush up on their knowledge of energy fundamentals market analysis. BENTEK’s senior executives and analysts will explore the nuts-and-bolts of natural gas production, the pipeline transportation grid, natural gas processing, demand sectors and the essentials of spot markets and trading. You will learn about market structures, transaction mechanisms, and the variables that influence price basis.

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