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canada gas? we’ll call ya

Monday, November 22, 2010

US shale plays have nicely decimated the LNG import trade in this country, possibly forevermore. This is generally known. Less known is the extent the shales have absolutely pummeled the Canadian gas export business in the past couple years. Fortunately for us, the good folks at Bentek this week released a new 40-page bit of market intel called “The Big Squeeze” Ruby, Canada and Marcellus.”

The report is the third of five market alerts Bentek has released as part of its new Forward Curve Suite. The latest report and the product suite in general are consistently first-rate market intel and down-in-the-weeds analysis. We recommend you give them a look. Marketing chief John Lange tells us the current report on Canadian gas is available as a one-off purchase and can be had with the five-report suite.

The report begins with a brief history of how we get to where we are today, followed by in-depth looks at regional trends, big project impacts and finally a five-year forecast of Canadian production impacts, demand forecasts and balancing Canadian supply and demand.

“The door has been closing on Canadian natural gas imports into the United States,” Bentek begins. “First it was because of Rockies Express Pipeline (REX), which stole market share away from Canadian suppliers in the Midcontinent and Northeast. Now, a continuing barrage of market events is about to close the door further on Canadian imports and force a number of unexpected market shifts,” the report says.

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