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Monday, November 08, 2010

Every time we turn around it seems that Bentek Energy has launched another cool report. For the past year or so the firm has been talking about liquids-rich shale plays, oil-rich shale plays and what in the heck E&P companies are supposed to do next considering the low price of natural gas. At the big Benposium meeting in Houston earlier this year, Bentek’s Rusty Braziel was all too focused on the liquids play and to a lesser degree, the oil play in the shales.

“Don’t worry about the current price of gas,” Braziel suggested to everybody, “all the other stuff in there will more than make up for it.”

Even natural gas maven Aubrey McClendon of Chesapeake Energy only talked about oil at the big Bentek show.

It’s a complex story. That’s the reason Bentek’s John Lange offered us this month for the launch of their new Crude Oil Production Monitor (Rockies). Lange says that one of their clients “had a team of employees putting this together each month, and we are now saving them a lot of time.” Indeed.

The new 20-plus page monthly publication offers a brief assessment of regional production trends and then breaks it all down into specific plays, Power River, Denver-Julesburg, Piceance, Uinta and so on. Eight in all. For each play, Bentek offers production projections, rig counts, prices, production rates, a company spotlight (Brigham Exploration Co. for the October issue), potential capacities, planned expansions of infrastructure and some decent in-depth analysis.

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