Tuesday, June 07, 2011

BENTEK Energy's fundamentals approach to energy market research comes to life at yearly symposium

EVERGREEN, CO (June 7, 2011) – The premiere energy market fundamental event of the year, BENPOSIUM, will be held June 13-16 in Houston, Texas. Hosted by BENTEK Energy, a leading energy market analytics company, this symposium provides comprehensive energy market fundamentals analysis and on-the-spot reactions, observations and comments from industry leaders and BENTEK analysts that focus on North American natural gas, oil and NGL markets, in addition to the European natural gas market and LNG.

Highlights for June 14, Day 1:

• Stephen Harvey, Assistant Administrator for Energy Statistics, EIA, “2011 EIA Data Program Challenges” – NEW!
• Richard Moorman, CEO, Tamboran Resources, “Leveraging US Technologies Overseas”
• Clayton Miller, Executive VP/COO Cornerstone Natural Resources, LLC, “Tight Oil Production Technologies”
• BENTEK’s new wind study analysis revealed, “The Wind Power Paradox”

Key Topics from the Afternoon Breakout Sessions on June 14, Day 1:

• US & Canadian Production Outlook, Forecasts (Track 1)
• Impacts of Natural Gas Liquids and Oil and Well Economics (Track 1)
• Marcellus, Utica, Eagle Ford and Haynesville Forecasts (Track 1)
• Unconventional Oil in the Permian, Anadarko, Bakken and Niobrara (Track 1)
• Montney and Horn River: A Tale of Two Plays (Track 1)
• The Arrival of Ruby and the Impact on the West (Track 2)
• Canada Needs the Midcon, But Does the Midcon Need Canada? (Track 2)
• Strong Local Production Growth to Displace Long Haul Pipes in the Northeast (Track 2)
• Capacity Expansions in the Northeast to Outpace Demand Growth in the Medium Term (Track 2)
• Marcellus Pushback into the Southeast Gulf (Track 2)
• Why Optionality Is Crucial in the Southeast Gulf (Track 2)
• The U.S. NGL Supply-Demand Balance, Heavy to Light (Track 3)
• NGL Production Outlook for the Next Five Years (Track 3)
• Where Will All the NGLs Go? (Track 3)
• U.S. Processing Plants & Infrastructure Outlook (Track 3)
• Understanding the European Gas Market (Track 3)
• European Displacement of Traditional Supply Sources: Russia, Norway (Track 3)
• LNG Outlook (Track 3)

BENTEK experts including Porter Bennett, Rusty Braziel and Jim Simpson will present at BENPOSIUM, along with other industry executives. Over 300 industry analysts, executives, traders and investors will attend, offering participants a great opportunity to network while gaining invaluable industry information. For more information or to register, visit

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