Gas Business Briefing
New Pipe Additions Smash Wave 4, Bentek Says

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wave 4 in Eastern Pennsylvania will crash due to pipeline expansions under way/announced to move Marcellus shale gas to the East Coast, Bentek Energy LLC believes.

Also, the US will become a net exporter of gas to Canada within three years, Bentek analyst Jennifer Robinson says.

Robinson revealed her analysis during Bentek's third Benposium symposium, in Houston.

Wave 4 is an imaginary line running north and south through Eastern Pennsylvania, separating the region's gas storage capacity, all located west of the line, and the primary destination for Marcellus product, the East Coast.

Premium East Coast pricing is located east of Wave 4.

"More supply will flow to New York, but a premium price still will be paid on winter's coldest days," Robinson tells her Benposium audience, including Gas Business Briefing.

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