Monday, March 26, 2012

BENTEK's fourth annual symposium explores the key aspects of the natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), crude oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG) industries through the practical application of fundamental analysis.

EVERGREEN, CO (March 26, 2012) – BENPOSIUM, the premier energy conference of the year, will be held May 14-17, 2012, in Houston, Texas. Hosted by BENTEK Energy, a leading energy market analytics company, BENPOSIUM provides comprehensive energy market fundamental analysis as only BENTEK can deliver, plus on the spot reactions, observations and insight from key industry leaders. As the shale gas revolution spreads to NGLs and crude oil, never has it been more important for energy executives, analysts, traders and investors to understand energy markets from a fundamental perspective. By applying BENTEK’s unique “bottom-up” approach to energy market research, BENPOSIUM provides the ideal setting to gain valuable market insight into the current and future state of the energy industry.

This year the theme of BENPOSIUM is “The Triggering of Events and the Foundation of New Opportunities.” The conference will take an in-depth look at shifting energy market dynamics and explain how the energy landscape is being reshaped by new technologies and production options. A focus on intra-market relationships between natural gas, NGLs, crude oil and LNG as well as expanded pre-conference training sessions and breakout tracks accommodate a broad audience of energy market participants.

Leading BENTEK analysts including Jim Simpson, Adam Bedard, Terri Dickerson, Kristen Holmquist, Tony Scott, Justin Carlson, Jennifer Robinson, Andrew Bradford and Jack Weixel will present at BENPOSIUM. More than 40 speakers from the natural gas, crude oil, NGL and LNG industries, including BENTEK speakers, are scheduled to present. BENPOSIUM provides participants with the opportunity to gain valuable industry information on the topics that are most relevant to them.

For more information about BENPOSIUM, go to or call 1-888-251-1264. Click here to register for BENPOSIUM 2012 now.