Despite Alberta ethane production from gas plants reaching a three-year high of 192 Mb/d, the increase in ethane supply is not adequate to meet regional petrochemical demand

Thursday, March 29, 2012

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BENTEK reports that over the past three years, ethane production from natural gas processing plants in Alberta has increased 10%, from 174 Mb/d in 2009 to 192 Mb/d in January 2012. This revival has been partially the result of regional producers shifting focus to wet natural gas shale plays. Despite the rebound, ethane production from gas plants in Alberta will need to reach 300 Mb/d to meet the requirements of the regional petrochemical industry.

Short supplies of Alberta ethane are prompting petrochemical companies to seek other options to meet regional demand, such as importing ethane from the Williston Basin in North Dakota via Mistral Energy’s proposed Vantage Pipeline. However, if Alberta producers continue to shift resources to wet natural gas plays over the next few years, the need to import U.S. ethane may decrease.

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BENTEK’s weekly NGL Market Monitor provides an extensive resource for NGL production, prices and infrastructure in the U.S. This report includes industry highlights, prices, purity product spreads and estimated petrochemical margins for the five major NGLs: ethane, propane, normal butane, isobutane and natural gasoline.

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