BENTEK’s powerful new Cell Model database provides balanced intra-regional flow aggregation for the U.S. natural gas market, offering an ideal way to quickly view and analyze important fundamental market changes

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Quickly filter through masses of natural gas data to identify where critical fundamental changes in the market are taking place, on both a regional and U.S. level. BENTEK's Cell Model database streamlines fundamental natural gas analysis by organizing complex data that balances regional supply, demand and storage components in pre-built graphs and charts. Refreshed daily, the Cell Model provides an up-to-date snapshot of U.S. natural gas market fundamentals and functionality for a deeper dive into region-by-region data, including balanced inflows and outflows to adjacent regions as well as historical price and weather.

BENTEK's Cell Model provides pre-built graphs and charts that display a daily, balanced aggregate of U.S. natural gas supply and demand fundamentals. The Cell Model divides the U.S. into eight balanced “cells,” or regions, for quick region-by-region natural gas analysis. Drill down even further with the Cell Model to view regional inflows and outflows by pipeline, including flows to adjacent cells.


BENTEK’s Market Alert, Dissecting Natural Gas Supply & Demand, draws on historical and current data from BENTEK’s Cell Model database to assess the market implications of natural gas production, flow, demand and price dynamics.

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