Natural gas liquids (NGL) production in Canada is averaging 7% higher than May 2011

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Now available from BENTEK: Weekly raw-mix NGL production data for Canada, including storage, fractionation and purity product supply

BENTEK's NGL Supply Report reveals NGL production from gas plants in Canada this month is averaging 615 Mb/d or 7% higher than May 2011 levels. This contrasts sharply to NGL production in Canada over the past several years, which has been either flat or declining due to decreasing natural gas production. In comparison, U.S. NGL production increased to 2.4 MMb/d in May, an increase of 8%.

Even with the increase in NGL production this month, overall NGL production growth in Canada is not keeping pace with the recent surge in U.S. NGL production growth. BENTEK reports that Canada’s share of total North American NGL production has decreased from 25% in May 2009 to 20% in May 2012. This downward trend began in 2007 due to sharp declines in Canadian natural gas production. Since early 2009, however, the decrease in the Canadian share of NGL production has resulted from substantial increases in U.S. NGL production.

BENTEK’s NGL Supply Report provides a weekly assessment of U.S. and Canadian raw-mix NGL production, offering the most up-to-date review of raw-mix supply in the marketplace today. This revolutionary new report bridges the three-month production data gap between Energy Information Administration (EIA) data and current activity, tying natural gas production, ethane rejection and PADD-to-PADD flows to NGL production without a time lag.

BENTEK’s NGL Supply Report tracks:

• Daily and weekly U.S. and Canadian raw-mix production, including year-to-date changes

• U.S. PADD-to-PADD flows and analysis on market dynamics

• Raw-mix storage and fractionation in the U.S. and Canada

• New capacity of raw-mix NGL pipelines in the U.S.

• Ethane rejection and fractionation spreads

• Purity product supply in the U.S. by PADD and for Canada


BENTEK’s NGL Market Monitor provides an extensive resource for NGL production, prices and infrastructure in the U.S. This report includes industry highlights, prices, purity product spreads and estimated petrochemical margins for the five major NGLs: ethane, propane, normal butane, isobutane and natural gasoline.

BENTEK’s NGL Databank Suite tracks natural gas processing developments and NGL production in the U.S. and Canada, including detailed information on individual plant throughput.

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