Gas via Nord Stream 1st line reaches maximum: Gazprom

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Supplies of Russian gas via the first train of the Nord Stream gas pipeline built via the Baltic Sea to Germany have reached the project's maximum capacity, Gazprom's deputy CEO Vitaly Markelov said Wednesday.

According to data collected and verified by analysts at BENTEK Energy, gas flows through Nord Stream to Germany reached 71 million cubic meters/day on Monday, and rose to 73 million cu m/day Tuesday-Wednesday, up 44 million cu m from the levels seen for most of 2012.

BENTEK added that data show that since Nord Stream testing work increased flows in recent days, Russian gas flows into Germany through the Yamal pipeline have fallen by a similar amount to the increase in Nord Stream flows.

"It is not bringing any new gas to Europe, or even to Germany for that matter," said BENTEK analyst Oliver Sanderson.

"The Yamal pipeline is the route experiencing lower capacity utilization," he said. "This is a clear pointer as to how things could change once Nord Stream is utilized to these levels on a permanent basis."

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