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Friday, November 09, 2012

Global LNG demand is growing faster than global LNG supply, a trend expected to continue at a rate of 2.8 Bcf/d per year through 2020. The growing gap between supply and demand in the global LNG market has moved global gas prices much higher than prices in North America, providing a strong incentive for exporting North American natural gas. Achieve an understanding of new opportunities in the growing global LNG market with the forecasts available in Bentek’s LNG Exports: The Global Thirst for North American Shale Gas.

This Market Alert contains forecasts of North American LNG exports, global LNG supply and demand and U.S. and Canadian natural gas production growth. With Bentek’s included forecasts, you get detailed answers to your complex questions, allowing you to make confident decisions in the natural gas and LNG markets with a comprehensive view of what’s to come.

Topics covered in Bentek’s LNG Exports Market Alert:
• North American gas market dynamics – including a breakdown of North American gas supply, demand and price changes and the decline of LNG imports
• Exporting North American gas – including a complete overview of the proposed LNG export projects in North America through 2020
• LNG exports forecasts – including BENTEK’s North American LNG exports forecasts and price implications
• Global market impacts – discussion of the impact of North American LNG exports on global market conditions and forecasts of global LNG supply and demand through 2020, along with analysis of the competitiveness of North American exports into the Asian and European markets.

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