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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bentek’s Northeast Market Call reports that strength in New England natural gas cash prices is pushing Algonquin Citygate (AGT CG) prompt month contracts 38% higher this month compared to November 2011, with December-January AGT CG basis currently averaging $5.00-$6.00. Several factors are driving this price strength, including unseasonably high nuclear capacity outages and several rounds of colder-than-normal temperatures.

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Key features of Bentek’s Northeast Market Call:

• Three-year seasonal forecasts for Northeast natural gas supply, demand and storage
• Basis forecasts through winter 2014/2015 and analysis for key regional markets including Algonquin Citygate, Transco Z6, TCO Appalachia, TGP Z6 and Z4
• Northeast expansions and maintenance impacts
• Commentary for buyers and sellers

Also available from Bentek: The New England: A Demand Island in a Sea of Supply Market Alert provides additional insight to help you analyze the market conditions contributing to surging New England gas prices this winter. This study provides seven forecast scenarios for Algonquin Citygate winter cash basis, including three base cases, two cold weather cases and two warm weather cases.

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