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Promising future ahead, if industry can tackle safety challenges

Monday, January 21, 2013

The oil and natural gas industry is steering the U.S. to a future of energy self-sufficiency, but many of the same issues including worker and pipeline safety, as well as academic criticism, continue to pop up in the field.

Not only will America's interaction with the world change, but states and regions are feeling the shift, too. Increasing gas production from the Eagle Ford and Marcellus shales could permanently alter which regions of the country are gas importers and which are exporters and lead to gas-on-gas competition, BENTEK Energy LLC's senior storage analyst said Jan. 15.

Speaking at Platts' Gas Storage Outlook conference in Houston, Logan Reese said the Eagle Ford and Marcellus remain two of the more economical plays for gas production, even though a large percentage of Eagle Ford gas is associated production related to liquids drilling. In spite of that, Reese said BENTEK expects Texas and Gulf Coast gas production to increase by 2 Bcf/d by early 2014 and 6 Bcf/d by early 2017.

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