BENTEK Energy Begins Monthly Market Report with 5-yr Crude Oil Forecasts

Monday, February 04, 2013

EVERGREEN, Colo., Feb. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- BENTEK Energy, the natural gas and crude oil analytics unit of Platts, today announced the launch of its new monthly report, Market Call: North American Crude Oil, which features five-year price forecasts for a host of North American low-sulfur oils, commonly known as light, sweet crudes.

The new monthly is designed to help energy producers, suppliers and other market participants better understand and estimate how changes to macro crude oil fundamentals will impact regional prices across North America.

"The resurgence of U.S. oil production is altering traditional flow patterns and by 2018 should greatly reduce the need for foreign oil," said Anthony Scott, manager oil analysis, BENTEK Energy. "As the value of crude transportation capacity is realigned, the West Texas Intermediate (WTI)-Brent and regional U.S. price differentials will feel the effect."

The forecasts take into account such market fundamentals as regional production, Canadian and waterborne imports to the United States, refining demand, and transportation economics across North America.

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