Entergy move to MISO likely to boost gas generation: analysis

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Natural gas-fired generation will likely expand its share of the fuel mix in the Entergy footprint as Entergy joins the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator and as ITC Holdings takes over Entergy's transmission assets, some experts say.

New Orleans-based Entergy plans to join MISO at the end of December 2013 and afterward transfer about 15,700 miles of utility transmission lines and associated substations to ITC Holdings as ITC simultaneously gives Entergy shareholders a 50.1% stake in ITC.

"On a percentage-of-generation basis … the expanded MISO over the coming five years should have a lower percent of coal and oil, more natural gas, higher amounts of solar, wind and biofuels, and about the same percent of nuclear, biofuels and hydro," said Matthew Cordaro, who was MISO's first CEO. Cordaro now serves as a Long Island Power Authority trustee.

Stephanie Angle, a natural gas analyst at Bentek Energy, which like Platts is owned by McGraw-Hill Financial, said, "Entergy's fuel mix allows for more flexibility due to the high natural gas (generation capacity) levels."

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