Bentek reports Southwest US gas price strength is here to stay

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bentek's new Market Alert, Growing Mexican Gas Market Creates Southwest Price Premiums, forecasts upward pressure on Southwest US gas prices will continue over the next five years. As Mexican demand grows 30% by 2018, Bentek reports Mexico will steal gas away from the Southwest, securing this region as the new premium price market.

Understand the impacts of rising Mexican gas demand on US prices with Bentek’s new Market Alert: Growing Mexican Gas Market Creates Southwest Price Premiums.

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This Market Alert will help you:

- Understand the short and long-term effects of growing Mexican gas demand on US flows and prices
- Forecast supply and demand conditions in Mexico and the US Southwest
- Analyze the impact of numerous power plant and pipeline expansions being built in Mexico and across the US-Mexico border

See how this Market Alert can help you forecast Southwest US gas prices over the next five years – get the overview now.