GlobalView Adds Bentek North American Data to Its Collective Energy Data Management Offering

Monday, August 05, 2013

GlobalView Customers Will Now Be Able to Access Bentek's North American Natural Gas Storage Levels and Supply and Demand Fundamental Data in Their MarketView Systems

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - August 05, 2013) - GlobalView, a leading provider of data management solutions for the energy and agriculture markets, announces the addition of Bentek Energy data to the comprehensive content offering on the MarketView energy data management system.

Bentek Energy, a unit of Platts, the global commodities information provider, is an energy market analytics company that provides data-driven research and deep market understanding and market fundamental analysis for natural gas, oil and natural gas liquids (NGL) sectors.

Bentek is recognized in the industry for gathering highly-detailed data on these markets from thousands of public and private sources worldwide and then transforms the information into actionable intelligence and key market insights. Bentek specializes in removing the complexity from large data sets to help clients digest sets of energy supply, demand and prices.

GlobalView is proud to be the first to allow its customers to seamlessly access Bentek's North American natural gas storage levels, supply and demand fundamental data, and market forecast data for integrated analysis in their MarketView energy data management systems. Among the Bentek content and data that will be available through MarketView:

•Natural Gas Supply & Demand Daily (data)
•Market Call Natural Gas Forecasts (report and data)
•Natural Gas Storage Outlook (report and data)
•Cell Model Regional Natural Gas Balances (data)
•CellCast Regional Natural Gas Forecasts (data)
•Natural Gas Regional Observer Series (report and data)
•Natural Gas Production Monitors (report and data)
•U.S. Power Burn Report (report and data)

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