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Bentek Energy: Top Natural Gas Forecaster for 2013

Friday, January 10, 2014

The last time Bentek took the annual prize in 2005, gas storage team leader Jeff Moore was a junior in college. This factoid doesn’t seem to move Moore in the slightest. As far as he’s concerned, he’s been on deck only a short time, so his track record is pretty good. We noted that after several years of middling scores out of the Big B, the tide turned around 2011. Bentek’s final tallies were more or less consistently back in the Top 10. This brings us up to date. So we asked Moore what he was doing differently, to what did he owe the great success in 2013?

“A couple things. It all goes back to the data. We have great data, (we) scrub it all the time … and measuring these facilities is really the key. There are so many ways to measure them. Getting that right combination is a big part of it,” Moore says.

So, from what we’ve seen, the opaque nature of the producing region and the resulting lack of good data, continue to confound analysts and forecasters alike. How had Bentek overcome this little issue? “We look pretty hard at that data, what’s reported. Does it make sense? We call these facilities all the time and ask them how we should measure activity, or how to interpret the numbers. What are they drawing, what are they wheeling, how they are connected to interstate or intrastate pipes, all of this matters to our estimates. It really comes down to a whole lot of legwork.”

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