Industrial End Users


Industrial natural gas demand is one of the best indicators of economic activity and industrial production. BENTEK's proprietary, flow-data-gathering puts that data at your fingertips.

Industrial End Users Reportprovides a granular view of industrial U.S. natural gas consumption. The report is based on the daily gas usage of more than 1,000 industrial facilities across the U.S. and aggregates this data into a sample of demand for major industrial sectors including chemical plants and refineries.

This daily report provides an estimate of daily U.S. industrial demand based on natural gas deliveries to industrial plants, along with sample subtotals by region and Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Index. As part of the Industrial End Users Report package, you also receive access to a cumulative dataset that tracks the essential details of up-and-coming U.S. industrial demand projects.

Plus, as a subscriber, Platts analysts are available to answer your questions.