Natural Gas Storage Outlook


BENTEK’s Natural Gas Storage Outlook is highly accurate, timely and based on actual injections and withdrawals at storage facilities across the U.S. 

There are currently more than 400 active, underground storage facilities in the Lower 48 states owned by interstate pipeline companies, LDCs and independent storage service providers. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) collects survey data from storage facilities and uses the data to estimate weekly storage balances.

Platts has taken analysis of the gas storage numbers a step further. Using its proprietary, flow-data-gathering technology and groundbreaking methodology, Platts tracks the injections and withdrawals at each storage facility connected to the interstate pipeline system each day. These numbers are then aggregated to provide an advanced look at storage balances – as the flows actually occur. This daily information on changes in storage balances is critical to the understanding of market prices, natural gas flow patterns and capacity utilization.

Natural Gas Storage Outlook™ provides a comprehensive view of the dynamic, changing status of the nation’s gas storage volume. The daily Natural Gas Storage Outlook offers details on injections and withdrawals at individual storage fields on a region-by-region basis. Platts accurately predicts the storage balance and weekly change, many days in advance of EIA’s release.

The weekly Natural Gas Storage Outlook offers a running estimate of storage numbers for the week before EIA’s announcement. In the weekly report, Platts provides a summary of current estimated stocks, previous year and five-year averages along with storage highlights and fill analysis. The report provides graphical and map-based data analysis to help you understand how and where storage changes will impact market prices. 

Also, as a Platts subscriber, our analysts are available to answer your questions.

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