Platts LNG Daily


New regions continue to enter the global LNG market, creating new pricing relationships and dynamics in this constantly changing industry. In the future, the market is sure to grow, with increases to both demand and supply anticipated from market participants across the globe.

To be successful in this dynamically changing market, industry players need access to the comprehensive news and prices found in LNG Daily, which is now supplemented by the granular and up-to-the-minute access to data provided by Platts. This daily report is a premier independent publication for the global LNG industry, providing comprehensive and accurate information on all aspects of the global LNG market and allowing you to improve your decision making, see better risk management results and realize more profitable trading. 

The improved LNG Daily allows you to access information covering new LNG supply projects, development and construction on new liquefaction plants, information on recent regulatory proceedings and LNG supply and demand fundamentals and much more. Also incorporated in this daily report are benchmark price assessments for the global LNG market, including the esteemed and widely accepted Japan Korean Marker (JKM) LNG Swap contract.

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