Crude Oil Balances

Crude Oil Balances is a comprehensive dataset that provides 10-year forecasts for crude oil in every region of the U.S. and Canada, including specific sections that focus on each individual U.S. PADD, the Williston Basin and east and west Canada. This product saves you the time of building your own long-term crude oil models and provides you with a deep-dive into the key factors impacting the North American crude oil market. Use this product to quickly identify long-term changes in the North American crude oil market, including when regions will be constrained, when pipelines will come online and the amount of waterborne imports that will be displaced.

The Crude Oil Balances provide 10-year forecasts of supply/demand balance, production, flows and capacity, demand expectations and overseas imports for the U.S. and Canada, allowing you be confident with your long-term business strategy. This dataset is updated monthly and uses the same methodology as Crude Oil Production Monitors.

As an added benefit, Platts analysts are available to answer any questions you may have.