Market Model Reports


Transportation and measurement of natural gas flows generates a massive amount of flow and capacity data. In its raw form, all this information can be overwhelming. To understand the big picture, this data must be aggregated in a meaningful way – like all production from a basin or all demand into a state. But aggregation can blur what is happening at the detail level. Often it is necessary to examine the flows at specific meter points to get a complete picture of market dynamics.

Basic Market Models™ provide both aggregated and meter-level data in an easy-to-use spreadsheet format. There are five regional demand Market Models that aggregate the use of gas by state and by category (local distributor, power plant, industrial, etc.), four that aggregate regional production by basin and source (gathering system, processing plant, etc.), five that focus on individual pipeline flow balances, and one that covers Canadian imports/exports and LNG sendout. Updated daily by 4:30 a.m. MST, each Market Model includes Intraday 2 (I2) nomination data from the past week, a 30-day average for I2 nominations, as well as 365-day averages for this year and last year. The data is organized so it can be quickly accessed by pipeline, state or producing region and allows for a comprehensive view by designated time period.

All data is poured into Excel spreadsheets and that allows you to manipulate the data for your own analysis. Platts' analysts are available to answer any questions.