GIS Layer Files


GIS Layer Files™ tap into Platts' vast data repository to provide the customized geospatial resources you need to power North American and European natural gas, electric power, coal and emissions market analysis. With more than 60 seamless North American and European geospatial data layers, Platts provides the most comprehensive and reliable energy-related GIS data on the market for CAD, mapping and other visual analysis. Electric power plants, transmission lines, natural gas storage facilities, receipt/delivery points, LNG import terminals and shipping ports are only a few of the layers GIS Layer Files can deliver to you. 

GIS Layer Files are customized to include only the layers you specifically need to see, making the data relevant to your business objectives, easy to analyze and visually appealing. This data is periodically updated to give you the most up-to-date and reliable information available so you can effectively evaluate market shifts, plan and site new projects and perform detailed analysis.

An extensive list of GIS data for North American and Europe is available below. Each geospatial data layer is available in the following file formats: ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo TAB and GoogleEarth KML/KMZ. 

North American Coverage

• Power Plants
• Electric Generating Units
• Substations
• ISO Nodal Pricing Points
• Transmission Lines
• Electric IOU Service Territories
• Electric NonIOU Service Territories
• Electric Holding Company Service Territories
• Electric Federal Regions
• Electric Planning Areas
• Electric Control Areas
• ISO Zones
• Regional Transmission Organizations
• NERC Regions
• NERC Sub-Regions

Natural Gas and Oil:
• Natural Gas Pipelines
• Natural Gas Compressor Stations
• Natural Gas Delivery Points
• Natural Gas Storage Facilities
• Natural Gas Processing Plants
• LNG Import Terminals
• Natural Gas Production Regions
• Natural Gas Utility Service Territories
• Natural Gas Holding Company Service Territories
• Crude Pipelines
• Refined Products Pipelines

• Coal Mines and Sources
• Coal Docks
• Navigable Waterways

• Air Quality Non-Attainment Areas
• Industrial Density
• Oil Refineries

European Coverage

• Generating Stations
• Substations
• Transmission Lines
• Electric Interconnects
• Transmission Zones
• Electric Distribution Territories

Natural Gas and Oil:
• Natural Gas Pipelines
• Natural Gas Interconnects
• Natural Gas Facilities
• Natural Gas Production Regions
• LNG Receiving Terminals