Hub Flow Analyzer


Massive amounts of flow and capacity data can be accessed via Energy Data Warehouse. This data can show you how much gas flows into a region, how much production comes out of a specific basin, when a pipeline capacity constraint can result in a supply shortfall, and many other market developments. But for that data to be interpreted, it must be summarized, distilled and placed into an understandable market context. That market context is both geographic and relative to market price behavior. 

Hub Flow Analyzer offers that context for you. The application uses Platts EnVisuals® Hub Flow Maps to provide the geographic context. You simply select a market region or hub, and Hub Flow Analyzer will instantly provide a graphic representation of pipeline flow, regional demand, price differentials (basis), outright price, and other factors successively from January 2004 until today.  

You can extract the graphics into a PDF file, or extract all of the data directly into Excel for your own use. 

Hub Flow Analyzer gives you the ability to compare demand and price side-by-side in a spreadsheet format. Daily flow and capacity utilization can be compared to basis spreads. Using Hub Flow Analyzer, you can extract key market trends out of Platts' Energy Data Warehouse without complex modeling and database queries.