A subscription to PowerVision is like having your own dedicated team of energy market researchers on call. PowerVision provides you with a one-stop research platform that will give you vetted, verified, timely and standardized information on demand, effectively eliminating zero yield research and tedious source vetting.

PowerVision organizes a wide array of meticulously researched information from more than a thousand industry sources into a series of carefully engineered profiles, providing a concise and clear view of the evolving power and gas infrastructure landscape in Europe. At the same time, users also have access to the most granular level of information, allowing them to extract and analyze the raw data supporting PowerVision's wealth of analytical abilities. 

PowerVision's highly flexible mapping component enables you to create detailed European pictures of everything from power generation to natural gas supply assets to infrastructure. Precise and informative graphic representations of market data can then be used to not only perform true geospatial analysis, but also for project analysis support and for your own presentations. Platts performs monthly updates, automated quality assurance checks and regular coverage enhancements in PowerVision to ensure you have access to the most comprehensive and current information available.

Use BENTEK’s PowerVision to:

• Quickly investigate more than 10,000 existing and planned European production facilities, comprising more than 1,200 GW of unit capacity
• Confirm the top power and gas players in any region of Europe
• Analyze historical trends in demand, power production, power prices and fuel prices for your chosen market
• Visualize market relationships with highly accurate maps of gas pipelines, fuel transportation routes, electrical generation assets and electrical transmission infrastructure

PowerVision includes three intuitive components:

• PowerVision Map – an interactive GIS database and mapping system
• PowerVision Data – the definitive generating facility inventory in Europe
• PowerVision Market – a comprehensive history of relevant European market indicators of supply, demand, transmission and prices

In addition to these components, PowerVision also includes:

• Interactive mapping software
• Assessment of power and gas infrastructure
• Detailed and sourced information on individual existing, retired and planned generation facilities in the European marketplace
• Powerful profiling tools on a per country, per plant or per company basis; giving a quick summary of the technologies and players making up a market
• Full reports on infrastructure surrounding a facility in seconds
• Full scope of historical exchange prices, Platts OTC assessments, demand, production, emissions and transmission data