Debunking the Alternative Gas Demand Myth


After years in the spotlight, shale gas production is taking a back-seat to natural gas demand. Alternative demand sources are emerging with the potential to significantly alter the US gas landscape over the next five years, including gas-to-liquids (GTL) plants, fertilizer and methanol production, and transportation fuel.

Given the tremendous demand growth already expected from LNG exports and the power generation sector, all these potential additional sources of growing demand are likely to compete with one another and put upward pressure on US gas prices.

To provide clarity around these complex issues, we released Debunking the Alternative Gas Demand Myth. With almost 50 pages of analysis, this study examines the risks and economics of new and re-emerging gas demand sources through 2019.  

Don’t miss this in-depth analysis that will help you understand the future of North American gas demand.

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