FCS: Power Burn Head Fake

Power Burn and Coal-to-Gas Switching: Power Burn Head Fake Catches Market Off Guard

While last year’s unique market conditions drove 1 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) in coal-to-gas switching, Platts reports that those unique circumstances in the power sector created a head fake - a false market signal that appeared to promise that increased power burn demand would help offset ongoing supply growth in shales. Although gas continues to make gains in the power sector, that rate of increase is expected to decline.

Platts Market Alert titled Power Burn Head Fake Catches Market Off Guard examines the U.S. power sector, focusing on increased demand for natural-gas-fired capacity and the prospects for increased coal-to-gas switching. 

In this report, Platts examines the impact that volatile gas prices and the construction of new gas-fired power plants have had on gas-fired power demand growth. Platts predicts the impacts that record gas production will have on pricing and the ability of gas to capture power generation market share. In addition, Platts includes a five-year power burn forecast along with several scenarios of how power burn might react to major market, regulatory and legislative events. As part of Platts' Forward Curve Suite™, this market alert lays the groundwork for understanding how power burn and coal-to-gas switching over the next five years will interact with other upcoming market events in the overall U.S. gas supply and demand picture. 

The Forward Curve Suite™ is a Platts report series that examines the top natural gas market issues for the 2010 to 2015 timeframe. This market analysis package includes Forward Curve Quarterly™ and a five-part Market Alert series. The Forward Curve Quarterly™ is a quarterly assessment of U.S. supply, demand and prices for the upcoming five-year term.

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