FCS: The Sky Is the Limit? U.S. Shale Gas Soars!

Despite experiencing some of the lowest prices in two decades, natural gas production continues to grow at an extraordinary rate. Improvements in drilling efficiency, lingering high-priced hedges and a favorable oil-to-gas ratio are among the factors that have helped accelerate U.S. natural gas production. However, these same factors have contributed to such a degree that growth is unsustainable due to storage and pipeline limitations.

Platts' Market Alert, The Sky Is the Limit? U.S. Shale Gas Soars!, details the issues U.S. production growth face as the industry responds to the challenge of oversupply. This report highlights ways producers have set the stage to enter into a long period of substantial growth by fundamentally changing the economics of their business.

As the fourth installment of the Forward Curve Suite, this report also includes a five-year forecast for the shale gas industry and predicts how domestic production will fare by 2015.

The Forward Curve Suite is a Platts report series that examines the top natural gas market issues for the 2010-15 timeframe. This market analysis package includes Forward Curve Quarterly and a five-part Market Alert series. The Forward Curve Quarterly is a quarterly assessment of U.S. supply, demand and prices for the upcoming five-year term.