Northeast Observer


One of the premier energy markets in North America runs from Philadelphia to New York City to Boston. The region is characterized by huge weather-related, peak-demand swings, the largest capacity for gas storage in the world and development of the Marcellus Shale - one of the most promising, producing plays in the U.S. 

Platts' Northeast Observer integrates analysis of these factors with a weekly and daily assessment of both natural gas and electric power market trends. The report looks at a wide range of factors including natural gas use for power generation, the interplay among gas, coal and other fuels in the region, natural gas transportation costs, pipeline constraints, new pipeline and storage projects and many other factors. 

The Northeast Observer covers key market developments and the interaction between regional inbound flows, intra-regional production, demand and storage. Data on cash spreads and netbacks is included. Key maintenance events are detailed and explained in the context of their impact on the market. 

The Northeast Observer also offers a complete assessment of all new construction and expansions – pipeline, LNG and storage projects. In addition to showing flow shifts and curtailments, the Northeast Observer provides an evaluation of each project on the overall pipeline delivery network.

Platts' analysts are always available to answer any question you may have about the information contained in this report.