West Observer


The California/Southwest and Pacific Northwest natural gas markets are tied together both by common supply basins and their interconnected power markets. Total energy demand in the state of California is among the highest in the United States; to serve that demand, it imports more electricity than any other state. With more than 40% of hydroelectric power in the U.S. generated by facilities located along the Columbia River System and significant expansions of installed wind capacity, the Pacific Northwest is a key supplier of power to the premium California demand markets.  

The West Observer: CA, SW & PNW™ allows you to dive deep into the relationship between the natural gas and power markets in the California/Southwest and Pacific Northwest regions. These daily and weekly reports provide granular, sub-regional natural gas data that improves power market transparencies and shows the movement of gas along the West Coast. 

The West Observer includes day-to-day changes in price spreads between key points, as well as power transmission flows, hydropower and water-year data, load forecasts and supply stacks. In addition, this report indicates regional changes in flows and storage inventories as well as provides an outlook for pipeline maintenance and power plant outages.

As an added bonus, a subscription to this report includes access to leading Platts' analysts who can answer any questions you may have.