Market Call: U.S. Natural Gas Short Term


The Market Call: U.S. Natural Gas Long Term provides projections of U.S. natural gas production, imports, and demand over the next five years.

In the Market Call: U.S. Natural Gas Short TermPlatts pulls together all the key market dynamics into a quick and simple view of the near-term natural gas market, including a sector-by-sector analysis of the underlying factors that drive prices up – or down.

The Market Call: U.S. Natural Gas Short Term includes price forecasts for upcoming heating or cooling seasons, bullish and bearish factors that could push prices down or up and supply, demand and storage forecasts by sector. Whether you buy, sell, produce or market natural gas, or invest in companies that do, this report will give you the crucial insight needed to make forward-looking decisions.

Market Call: U.S. Natural Gas Short Term provides insight into the supply/demand balance, natural gas futures technical analysis, U.S. dry gas production, Canadian net imports, U.S. LNG imports, industrial demand and power burn.

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