If you are a natural gas marketer or producer with gas you want to move from the producing area to market, how do you determine the lowest-cost route? If you are a basis trader, how do you determine the lowest incremental transportation cost between any two markets? If you are considering an investment in pipeline infrastructure, how can you know the competing pipeline costs in a market?

With Platts' RouteBuilder you can quickly determine the fixed and variable costs for natural gas pipelines across the U.S. Platts' proprietary data-gathering system and its analysts have already done the hard work for you, extracting each pipeline rate structure out of tariff documents and loading the variables and formulas into our Tariff Database.RouteBuilder is an online application that you can use to calculate pipeline transportation costs between any two points, no matter how many pipelines are involved in the route. 

Platts uses up-to-date pipeline tariff filings to determine fixed and variable transportation costs for delivering gas to any market. Once you’ve selected a route, Platts' model calculates the costs in a matter of seconds. You can view the route data and download the data into a spreadsheet. 

Platts' analysts are ready to answer any questions you may have about the tariff rate components or interpretation of the results.