With new infrastructure projects and expansions including pipelines, processing, fractionation, rail and export terminals due online in the near future, there will be many new routes and destinations for different energy commodities. These infrastructure additions are intended to alleviate capacity constraints, but will also introduce new dynamics to the different commodity markets. Understand the dynamics introduced by the new infrastructure projects and make informed decisions with the help of Platts Consulting team.

  • Asset Evaluation- Performed an asset evaluation study to assess the feasibility of building gas gathering, processing, NGL fractionation and storage infrastructure near Corpus Christi, TX, to processing services for natural gas sourced locally. Platts also provided 15-year supply, demand and pricing forecasts, as well as analysis around potential supply demand sources for the facility.
  • Due Diligence- Participated in commercial due diligence for the possible acquisition of a regional storage operator in the U.S. This effort included operational issues (pipeline flows, capacity constraints, and access to major pricing hubs); commercial issues (demand for storage and pricing); potential upsides/downsides (impact of new LNG facilities, future interconnects); and financial issues (valuation, basis forecasts and hedging strategy).
  • Sensitivity Study- Performed a sensitivity study to evaluate the feasibility of building an ethane steam cracker along the Texas Gulf Coast. Platts provided multiple 20-year scenarios forecasting U.S. natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) markets focusing on the availability of petrochemical market feedstock and pricing of each product. This analysis also evaluated planned expansions in natural gas drilling and processing, pipelines and fractionation to determine viability and necessity.
  • Market Study- Conducted a study to assess the feasibility of constructing a butamer unit on the Texas Gulf. Platts provided an eight-year outlook of supply, demand and pricing of normal and iso-butane at Mt. Belvieu, TX, as well as a comparison of pricing and market dynamics for normal and iso-butane produced at refineries relative to of gas markets. Platts also evaluated butane exports from the U.S. Gulf Coast, manner of disposition, impact on pricing, cost of freight and global target markets.
  • Investment Analysis- Advised a major midstream company regarding an investment in the Northeast region storage facility. The project included a detailed analysis of several regional pipelines, including connected supply, connected markets, rate structures, firm transportation contracts and flow patterns. Platts also compared the competitiveness of each pipeline and assessed storage pricing trends based on recent transactions.
  • Natural gas pipeline
  • Natural gas processing
  • Natural gas gathering systems
  • NGL fractionators
  • Oil pipelines 
  • Y-grade pipelines 
  • Pipeline interconnects 
  • Natural gas storage 
  • Rail transloads 
  • Transload facilities 
  • Steam cracker development 
  • Refineries 
  • Processing plant 
  • Natural gas plants 
  • Raw mix pipelines 
  • NGL pipelines
  • Existing petrochemical facilities 
  • Cryogenic processing 
  • Refrigerated processing 
  • LPG export terminals 
  • LNG export terminals

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